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Cera's Blue Night :iconrl-182:RL-182 1 11
Krawk Knowledge: The Matriarch
There comes a time when ignorance must give way to the truth. Today on this page you will learn a great many truths.
I am Vivian La Coste
But you may call me the matriarch.
Just for the record this page is restricted from being read until my death. If you happen to be reading this before my passing,  then I commend you for being able to get past a level 6 spell. Good luck with the level 10 spell later.
I suppose if this is to make any sense we'll have to start at the beginning.
Like most krawks I was born on the island of our namesake. I had several brothers and sisters. However my father was a Hissi which in turn lead to my third brother being a Hissi as well. It unfortunately is highly documented that out of every dozen krawks born at least four are always born unbalanced. Most of the time these issues don't manifest until puberty or later in life.
However it wasn't until my 16th birthday that life became problematic. On that day a storm would ravage the island causing countless
:iconrl-182:RL-182 2 13
Krawk Knowledge: The Family Name
For as long as I can remember our ancestral home has been Krawk Island. While most inhabitants of the island know of our family, most however don't remember the last name.”lost to time” they would claim.
Fortunately I Vivian have taken it upon myself to keep this knowledge alive. I can say with confidence that our name has been forgotten for a reason. Until recently just the mention of the family name was enough to cause utter panic.
Thanks to my Great Grandfather whom you'll learn about soon, was the starting force behind the slander of the glorious familial name:
La Coste
After close to two generations of my Great Grandfather plundering the seas, killing towns and stealing souls be was finally caught and ended. But even with his direct death the La Coste name was all but ruined. It wasn't until my direct intervention that our name was salvaged before I purposefully let the name fade into obscurity so as to save my children and grandchildren when the time came to spare the
:iconrl-182:RL-182 3 8
Taking a Hint on Ladies Night
It was her first Ladies’ Night out with the other members of the Pawkeet crew after close to a year of them being out at sea, and Betsy herself being a mother at the large home she shared with her husband Victor, and his extended family. The day the Pawkeet had docked on Krawk Island, they immediately set about heading into town to obtain supplies to replenish after their long voyage. Naturally they had to head up to the Krawk family estate and see their home bound crew member.
After a few hours of gathering, celebrating and enjoying the company, Lady had come up with the idea of a Ladies Night out for Betsy and the other female crew, stating “A mother needs a break every once in a while.” she then looks to Vale, one of Victors sisters and their mother before adding, “You are welcome to come along of course.”
Vale smiles and nods. “That sounds like a good idea. We may love the little ones, but they can be exhausting.” she replies with a weary t
:iconrl-182:RL-182 2 5
Krawk Knowledge
Blood Rage:
    A metabolic and physical change in Krawks and Hissi. It is brought on by moments of extreme stress, or near death instances.
    ~ He tapped into his Blood Rage and slaughtered the village.
    ~ (In Song) They say his lust was strong, but his Blood Rage was severe.

Unbeknownst to most there are 3 different forms of this unique change. Each form comes with its own benefits, as well as drawbacks. Depending on whom is afflicted it can be assumed that since this ‘feeling’ has been with us Krawks and Hissi since the beginning of time it is something of a defense mechanism or survival instinct more than anything else.
The three different forms have come to be called “Classes” by recent generations of Neopians who experience or see it happen.
The most feral and brutal form of the Blood Rage. This is also the form most Krawks and Hissi can tap i
:iconrl-182:RL-182 2 11
DA's Sweet 16 by RL-182 DA's Sweet 16 :iconrl-182:RL-182 1 7
Krawk Kombat Training
It had been three days. Three long days, and still she was shaking and quivering in front of these weapons. She could see guns, swords, knives, and other small melee style weapons laid on the table. She looked back to see her husband only a few feet away still wearing his loving smile as if nothing was wrong. She sighs and looks back to the table and slowly begins to shake as she thinks about something she knew she couldn’t do.
She could feel the gaze of her husbands other family members, brothers, and sisters in law all staring her down as she stood meekly looking at these weapons. But deep down, she wasn’t a killer, she didn’t want to be…. she didn’t have to be as long as he was here. But… he wouldn’t always be here. Every time he left to go shopping or getting called away by Navy personal there was that small chance that he wouldn’t come home. And that thought is what had propelled her to take up this training. But now her fear to prot
:iconrl-182:RL-182 2 9
Fireteam ANVIL
Sangheili Uulecc Uunam (ANVIL-24)
Weapons: Needler, Type-1 Energy Sword
Armor Configuration: Sangheili Commando Combat Harness
A Sangheili with enough history in his file to keep an A.I. busy, Uulecc was one of the first and quite literally only options to consider when beginning the ANVIL project. He was given the choice of SPARTAN assets that he could choose to side with, and when he realized one of the SPARTANS was one he’d encountered before his choice was clear. However upon meeting the Spartan again it was clear the two would have some ‘issues’ to work through. And work through it they did. Over the course of a week with literally almost no break SPARTAN B-225, his brother SPARTAN-082 and Uulecc went head to head in War Games matches until both of them needed medical attent
:iconrl-182:RL-182 2 7
Uulecc Uunam Profile by RL-182 Uulecc Uunam Profile :iconrl-182:RL-182 12 8 Questioning the Operative by RL-182 Questioning the Operative :iconrl-182:RL-182 2 0 Home Turf by RL-182 Home Turf :iconrl-182:RL-182 0 7 Only Spartans Deal in Danger by RL-182 Only Spartans Deal in Danger :iconrl-182:RL-182 0 4
Fireteam Snapshot
SPARTAN Sally Cruiser - G117 (Snapshot-2)
Weapons: M-395 DMR, 2x M7C SMGs
Armor Configuration: MJOLNIR (GEN 2) Recon
A Spartan III of Gamma Company recruited at the age of four years old. Even as an orphan and during her training, she was scared. But during her training, despite never getting over her fear of death, she learned to use this fear to keep her one step ahead of her foes, by simply out running them. Her ground speed was impressive, so much so that her commanding officer (REDACTED) commented that “She’s almost as fast as our rabbit… this is going to be interesting.” After Gamma companies first away mission from Onyx with it being an obvious success, upon realizing that her home and the planet as a whole were now gone, she was offered placement into the Spart
:iconrl-182:RL-182 2 0
Fakemon: Ultimate by RL-182 Fakemon: Ultimate :iconrl-182:RL-182 2 5 mlp  two sides of Fire-Trail by RL-182 mlp two sides of Fire-Trail :iconrl-182:RL-182 2 1 Pony friends Admin_Fire Trail by RL-182 Pony friends Admin_Fire Trail :iconrl-182:RL-182 3 3


I've been a fan of Pokemon since its debut in America in the 1990's when I was still in grade school. - Linework: The line work is cris...

The Arbiter, classic Character of Halo 2 and Halo 3 respectively, and one of my favorite characters to play as. Now onto the critique. ...

First off, Skyrim art alone deserves praise. But to do so with ONLY a 9pt. sized brush in Photoshop, and to do so on a single layer is ...

In a normal critique I'd start with the character and move onto the backgroud, but in this case, I think working backwards would be bes...


Is taking commissions!
United States
I am an artist at heart and a professional Graphic Designer having obtained my Bachelors degree on the subject. I am also hoping to open commissions soon both for my friends on DA, as well as professional works outside of the norm.

So in short order, I'm an Artist, Roleplaying addict (And proud of it! :D), Gamer, Fanfiction writer, and as some of my watchers will say a good listener as well. ^^;

Well, that's my story in a nutshell. Enjoy your visit to my page and please if you see something you like, leave a comment!

Favourite genre of music: Everything except country...sorry
Favourite photographer: I do good work
Favourite style of art: Traditional and Digital
Operating System: Mac OS X Leporad
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: SPI (Semi Powered Infiltration) Armor
Personal Quote: Better to have it and not need it, Than need it and not have it!


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

1. Tag has been kidnapped and tortured to near death over a dozen times.

2. In an attempt to keep him safe, Tags mother and father have subconsciously instilled several key words that will put Tag into a trance like state.

3. In order to fire the laser from his nose, Tag has to super heat the blood in his body and then drain it into his nose. The continued use of this can leave him disorientated, confused, and in extreme cases in a coma.

4. Despite being 8 years old and home schooled, he has a 9th grade education.

5. When under extreme stress or highly emotional the two rings on his wrists are able to influence his actions to a degree.

6. Like the rest of his family Tag can filter poisons and toxins through his blood to create an antidote or vaccine. 

7. Tags inherent Infrared abilities can expand up to 5 miles in any direction.

8. Tag is deathly allergic to Brussels Sprouts. His parents can't seem to figure out how or why this is since it's a vegetable.

Now to tag:

:icon6seacat9: - Betsy

:iconxxxshadowsneakxxx: - Ra'geck

:iconnovastartherapter: - Any OC of your choice

:iconhakunaro: - Star the Wingtail

:iconpoweroptix: - Pteriss

:icontriplemoonstudios: - Gypsy the brontosaurus

:iconjolleboi: Any of your Gem OC's

# 8 on this list is a person who prefers to stay anonymous so I'll be noting them separately.
  • Listening to: YouTube Vids
  • Watching: Orange is the New Black
  • Playing: Halo 5
  • Eating: Stuffed Pizza
  • Drinking: Water



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