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The Spartan III was sitting, staring down at what remained of his original helmet the base model of the Mark V [B]. With a massive crack in the visor, and several deep puncture holes, it was all but useless, but even still the Spartan was hesitant to let it go. The Spartan then turned his attention to the rest of his torso armor sitting on an examination table as most of that armor too was scarred with several deep gashes and torn holes in both the metal alloy and the underlying gel layer. He sighed as he looked up and saw his new team leader step through the door.

"Commander Sir!" echoed the Spartan as he stood at attention.

The other Spartan stopped and gave a short laugh, removing his Cobalt blue Close Quarters Combat helmet in the process. "Easy. Just call me Matt when we're not on duty." He then extended his hand and said, "Welcome to Marshal Team."

The other Spartan III shook his commanders hand and thought back to the entire mission that had brought him to this moment....


Planet Borron
0945 hours, October 22, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Insurrectionist controlled territory, unidentified mountainous region.

The Spartan crouched in his position with his 99D Anti-Material Sniper Rifle. He sighted down the scope once more keeping an eye on his targets. Despite the fact that his helmet was meant to cut out any residual glare from the sun and any other reflective surfaces, the glare was still intense. There are seven total... and only four shots per clip in his gun. The Spartan thought for a moment to himself, 'If this mission is such a high priority target, then why only send a team of three... speaking of which I have yet to SEE my supposed teammates.'

It took another two hours before something began to happen. Within the Insurrectionists base, came the sounds of alarms, and large caliber explosions. The Spartan III grinned behind his MJOLNIR Mark V (B) helmet as he watched smoke rise from the complex.

In a matter of seconds three things happened in rapid succession: His FOF tag read two friendly unit inside the main complex, the communications radio built into his armors systems booted to life and he heard a voice. "This is Martial 1 to any and all UNSC personnel immediate assistance is required, I repeat assistance is required ASAP!" Then the final event happened as the a massive steel door towards the back of the building exploded in a massive fireball and out of the flaming wreckage came a civilian Spade speeding down the worn road.

Aboard the speeding vehicle were two heavily armored and armed humans. "Not just humans... Spartans!" he said at a whisper. He then zoomed in through the optical scope on his Sniper rifle and pulled the trigger three times in quick succession, dropping three different insurgents where they stood. He then sighed as he found his other target attempting to climb into a Scorpion MB808. He fired the last shot in his clip and smiled as he watched the rebel slouch forward dead in the seat.

The Spartan driving the Spade spoke over an open comm. channel and asked, "UNSC asset identify yourself!" When he received no response he spoke again. "This a direct order! UNSC asset identify yourself NOW!"

The Spartan III sighed as he opened his com. link and responded.
"This is Spartan D225 transfer for Martial team, transfer code confirmation serial number: 9872-56700. Now continue on your current course, I'll keep you covered!"  He then fired two more shots at two pursuing Mongoose, dropping both their drivers dead in their spots.

However the situation changed quickly as two Scorpion tanks rolled out of their camouflaged spots just ahead of the Spade. And with their turrets facing the two escaping Spartans, the sniper couldn't see the canopy tops of the tanks to kill the operators. He gave a grunted sigh as he lowered his SRS99 Sniper Rifle and using the same path he'd used to climb the small secluded hill he slid down landing in a crouched position, while simultaneously slinging his sniper rifle onto his back and began to sprint using all the speed and force the Mark V armor gave him.

The Spartan had a choice to make and he had to make it fast, however being the closer and therefore easier of the two targets, he choose the Scorpion on his left first. Priming a fragmentation grenade in his right hand, the Spartan drove his entire fist through the flimsy metal covering the end of the Scorpion tank and immediately set to work on the second one. As he climbed aboard and stared at the operator of the second tank, the first Scorpion exploded in a fireball causing the remaining rebels to turn and see what had happened. Just as the commander of the rebels turned his head, all he could see was the driver of the second Scorpion being forcibly pulled out of the canopy of the vehicle and bleeding from the wound around his neck.

The Spartan then threw the dead insurrectionist to the ground and smiled behind his helmet. That smile only got wider as he noticed the Rebel leader standing a few feet away with a smirk on his face. The Spartan stepped off the tank and strode over to the circle of rebels and their leader.

"So, You are the Spartan warrior that decimated my tracking team. I am glad to finally meet such a legendary warrior such as yourself. My name is Christopher Holmes. But you may simply call me Master Holmes," he then paused as he chuckled. "You may have saved those other two Spartans today, but here… here my boy is where you die!" It was then that the rebel leader produced in his hands a captured Covenant Energy sword.

The sight of the weapon took the Spartan aback, but it only took him a moment to prepare, as he used the magnetic claps to hold his pistol on his leg plate. He then reaches up to his chest plate and unsheathed his military grade Kuroki knife, while taking a fighting stance.

"Your move Spartan." Goaded Holmes with a grin.

The Silver grey armored Spartan had a choice to make. He knew that the rebels around him were unlikely to fight honorably and on that thought alone, he flicked his wrist and sent his knife careening into the closest insurrectionists skull, burying the knife up to the hilt in his forehead. His enhanced reflexes managed to save him though as he took a step back and leaned backwards to dodge the upper strike of the Plasma bladed sword held by Holmes. It was then, in that exact moment that the Spartan realized the leader was using performance enhancers allowing for greater strength, speed and agility.

'And my day just keeps getting better!' Thought the Spartan to himself as he used his hands to catch the rebel leaders wrist, stopping an overhead strike that would have surely killed him. But keeping even with the enhanced strength of the MJOLNIR suit... this rebel leader had taken more than his fair share of whatever drug he was on.

It was in a single action that the UNSC super soldier called back on his personal Tai-Chi martial arts he'd used exclusively during his training, and moved the rebels sword swinging arm to the left of his body and down letting the weapon impact the ground. The Spartan knew he needed a way out, and fast, or this would be his first, and only botched mission. He was not about to let that happen, and in an effort to buy himself a bit more time, he used all the force he could muster to knee the insurrectionist leader in the gut, listening with a quiet satisfaction at the sound of his opponets body crumpling for a moment as the wind was knocked out of him.

It was only then in those precious few seconds that D225 saw exactly what he'd prayed for, and with a swift motion pulled it from the rebel leaders leg. Holding down on the weapon in his hand caused the sensation of a lighting bolt wrapping around his hand as the Spartan could see his own, now confiscated Plasma Sword.

Holmes stood with a scowl plastered on his face, and it was clear he wasn't happy about this new turn of events. As he noticed the second plasma sword now in the Spartans hands he grinned. "Alright super soldier. Let's dance!" The rebel leader then re-activated his covenant weapon and began to circle the spartan like a predator would stalk its prey.

Under his helmet the spartan grinned as well, knowing this was one of the few things he'd hoped he get to do with an insurrectionist. D225 then used his right arm and swung a wide strike, only to have it blocked by Chris' own sword. The combatants traded blows for several minutes neither one able to land a solid strike, or hit against the other, just a few glancing blows to their respective armor, but nothing serious. After another moment of pitched and close quarter combat both stopped for a moment.

"This is ridiculous!" Cried Holmes with a scowl. "I'm a rebel leader... I don't have to play fair! Men, kill the Spartan!" he spoke loudly as he stepped back and waited for his men to open fire... but when nothing but silence greeted the two Chris turned to look around at his assembled men, only to find dejectedly that they were all dead, and as he turned to face the former Spade vehicle that held the two other Spartans, he realized that it was empty and they had killed his subordinates in the ensuing fight with the grey armored spartan.

The Spartan in front of him pointed the Covenant sword towards him as he spoke. "Your little game is over Holmes. Just surrender quietly, and the UNSC will see that you aren't killed on the spot."

Holmes grinned almost triumphantly as he raised his sword again to resume battle with the Spartan in front of him, only to flinch in shock as he felt the unmistakable feeling of a Shotgun pressed to his back.

The Cobalt blue Spartan stood stock still with the shotgun and spoke only a single line. "Please, give me a reason."

Holmes then scowled and replied, "You so called super soldiers can't even play by your own rules of honor.... how far the UNSC has fallen."

The Steel gray armored Spartan stepped forward with the Covenant Energy sword still pointed at the rebel leaders chest, "You sir are under arrest, and nothing is going to change that now. Just come along quietly and we can be sure the UNSC will keep you alive."

Christoper Holmes sighed quietly as he quickly realized he had no options left. He knew that surrender was impossible to the UNSC, but he also knew that any action other than surrender would lead to his immediate death. So he chose to take one of the Spartan super soldiers with him! With the performance enhancing drugs still flowing through his veins, he raised his arm, swinging wide, and let the energy sword in his hand fly straight at the grey armored spartan.

Spartan D225 had a split second decision to make, and in an instant he'd removed his sniper rifle from his back, using only his left arm to raise the weapon and fired it with his left hand, he shot a single anti-material round from the chamber.

The bullet flew straight impacting directly into the very hilt of the Covenant plasma saber, shattering the hilt as the force of the bullet rippled through the tiny device. The hilt all but destroyed, the excess energy dispersed much like that akin to a shotgun blast, and fragmented, sending several dozen shards towards the armored warrior.

The shrapnel of the energy bladed weapon being surrounded in super heated plasma simply bypassed the steel armored spartans shields and tore straight into his armor, a few shards getting deep into and beyond the gel layer of the protective suit.

The two energy blades however now, without the hilt to harness and shape the energy into its bladed form, the pure super heated plasma became two separate arc shaped projectiles. And before the thought to evade them could pass over D225s mind, the duo of heated energy slashed across his body. The first one going high and cutting a gash across his entire helmet and shattering his polarized visor. The second cut straight down his chest and torso cutting deep enough to disable the minor bio-foam injectors in his suit, and force his suit into momentary Armor Lock.

In a last ditch effort to keep himself upright, the now wounded Spartan sank to his knees and forced the plasma blade in his hands into the ground as his armor locked in place. His breathing was labored from the wounds he'd received in the last few moments, and he spat blood on the inside of his visor, some of it spilling through the cracks.

It was then that the two other Spartans made their moves. The cobalt blue armored Spartan raised his shotgun and in rapid succession rammed the butt of the gun into Holmes head knocking him out cold.

Both Spartans then rushed forward and moved D225 off of his knees and onto his back. The bigger of the two with the olive green armor looked down and sighed. "This isn't good. Even if we manage to stem the blood flow, he still has a lot of wounds we may not be able to see."

Spartan D225 heard what the other two were saying, but at that moment he felt the weight of a very important, even life saving item. He flexed his hand and gripped the EM kit magnetically attached to his leg and pulled it off. He then coughed as he struggled to speak. "T-this is yours... for when YOU get... hit."

Behind his helmet the leader of this three man team grinned before responding. "Ha, lucky bastard!" He then took the Emergency kit from the sniper and activated the needle based injector, then pushed it into the injection port in the neck delivering the cocktail of anti-coagulants, blood thickeners and biofoam into the spartans body. He then opened his suits COM channel to their extraction craft. "We need immediate extraction. We have a wounded Spartan. Do you read me Ferris Wheel? We need medical extraction RIGHT NOW!"

For a moment nothing but static graced the COM but then the distinct voice of the Captain rang though clear as a bell. "This is Captain Collins. We read you and a med-bird is already en route. ETA is less than a minute."

As if on cue, the familiar sound of a Pelican dropship was heard on the path and began to hover over the group of three Spartans. The ramp leading into the troop bay lowered and  out jumped two field medics who began to check and tend to the grey spartans wounds.

The Pelican itself landed and allowed for the two other Spartans to climb aboard. After several moments, the two medics along with the third Spartan were safely aboard the Pelican, along with the rebel leader Holmes.

The cobalt Spartan radioed his helmets mic and spoke over the COM. "Wounded is aboard, and so is our 'special guest' Advise for immediate retrieval upon landing. Confirm?"

The Captain responded almost instantly. "Of course. This is Ferris Wheel see you on the other side Spartan."


UNSC Heavy Frigate Ferris Wheel
1302 hrs, October 22, 2552 (Military Calender)
Med Bay 2, Medical Station 7

Matt grinned as he finished shaking his comrades hand. "So, Ricktor I've read you file. I'm impressed with what I've seen, and more importantly what you did out in the field today keeping us covered with that sniper of yours, and then your one on one with 'Master' Holmes."

Ricktor gave a swift, but cocky grin of his own, before turning to his set of MJOLNIR armor sitting on the examination table. He knew that set of armor was no longer usable. He also knew the technicians were currently working on getting him a new set of armor, but he was rather curious to see what it would look like.

It was then that the third spartan stepped forward. "You are one of the ballsiest Spartans I've seen in a while. To go one on one with nothing but Plasma sabers... not something I'd be eager to do."

Matt turned to the other spartan and chuckled. "Well Jacob, considering your primary weapon is a dismounted turret I can't say you using a plasma sword fits into your job description."

At that, all three spartans shared a laugh, Ricktor grateful in the knowledge that his teammates had a sense of humor. It was then that one of the technicians stepped into the room with a data-pad and grinned. "Spartan D-225, your new armor is ready. I think you'll be pleased."

Jacob whistled for a moment. "That was pretty quick. You guys sure got a handle on these suits."

The technician actually shrugged as he gave his reply. "Actually we've had this suit on standby for months now, believing correctly I might add, that one of you Spartans would need a new set of armor. How fitting though that this particular MJOLNIR armor was meant for a sniper." He then stepped through the door to the med bay, and gestured for the other spartans to follow him.

The trio of super soldiers followed the man as he walked down the hall, and upon reaching the end he stood off to the side as he gestured to the door. "Right through here sir."

The door slid open revealing a darkened room with only one spotlight pointing down upon a suit of armor. Ricktor took several steps forward and immediately began to examine the armor he was staring at. Several things stood out to Ricktor as he looked over the armor. The first and foremost being the helmet, as it was no longer the standard Mark V [B] helmet, but one of the GUNGNIR models with a Hardened Uplink/Remote Sensor package attached which was favored by snipers, and a silver polarized eyepiece. The second noticeable difference happened to be the accessories that adorned the chest. It was a set of Recon/LRP pouches across the midsection. He took special interest in the trio of sniper bullets attached to the right shoulder clip, along with the Mark V shoulder plate attached to the right arm.

The last thing Ricktor noticed was that the armors base color was the same as his old armor. The only difference was where the original stripes had been Canary yellow these were now Coral Orange... and the GUNGNIR helmet matched as well.

The young ship technician cleared his throat as if reading Ricktors' mind. "It turns out, because the armor was on standby, no one bothered to try and change the base color for this suit. Seems to be a good thing too."

"So this is my new armor?" Ricktor said with a pause in his voice. He then gave a sly grin as he replied, "Nice..."

"So Martial 6, think you'll be able to handle your next mission with your new armor?" asked Matt with a grin of his own.

Ricktors grin however turned into a full blown smile as he replied, "I won't just handle the next mission... I'll break it's legs, get it down on its' hands and knees and make it my-"

He was cut off from finishing his sentence however as the ship wide COM unit activated. "This is the Captain! We're receiving a distress call, and they're asking for Spartans so gear up! You've got five minutes! Captain Collins Over and Out."

Ricktor chuckled. "All I'll need is four, two to suit up, and two to load out!"
It's 5:35 AM... I need sleep.
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Straif5 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh NICE. So that's how your guy got his new gear. Epic history behind it.
RL-182 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
Thanks! I was going to have him fight the covvies, but then I thought why not the rebels... they are a legitimate threat too.
Straif5 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
The Inssurectionists really don't get much love as an enemy. They were the reasons the Spartans were created in the first place! Glad to see you gave them some time in the light.
We gotta do a collaboration, on Reach for screenshots and wrtiting too. Illistrate our story with Reach shots!
RL-182 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
OMG YES! Unfortunately, I'm working late today at my job, then tomorrow I'm leaving for New Orleans. I should be back on Sunday though. But you are beyond right. We need to collab on screenshots AND writing... it shall be Hlao Slayingly Epic!
Straif5 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
That's fine. I can wait.
Damn right it will be. Gotta do something on Nightfall; then your guy can get a sniper and mine can have a shotgun.
RL-182 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
:iconevilgrinplz: Oh it will be fun times for us. Not so much for the covies though. :evillaugh:
Straif5 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Nope, not at all....
RL-182 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
Oh... and I hate Jun.
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